Videos of Team21 in Action

Photos of Team21 in Action

6 thoughts on “TEAM 21 IN ACTION

  1. Amazing dog and parents!!! I also have a son with Down syndrome who is almost 13. We come from Rhode Island but now live in New Hampshire! Dave, do you and Yeager ever enter any competitions in New England? Our family would love to come and watch and support Team 21.
    PS: We have 2 Golden Retrievers!

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting you and your little girl at the Eukanuba National Championships this past December. I’m Kelly and I have Cody the little black and tan hound mix that was in the Super Dogs show next to where you were doing the dock diving. I just wnated to tell you how sweet and truly touching your little girl was to me, she melted my heart when she hugged me! Just thought you should know how special she is (but I’m sure you already do) I will never forget her, hopefully next year at Super Dogs she will be brave enough to come and play soccer with me. HaHa. I intend to follow your progress with Team 21 (so glad I finally remembered the name) and intend to donate when I can. Best of luck and give that little sweetie a big hug from Cody and me. Take care.

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